Individual athlete category:

    1. An athlete becomes eligible 10 years after they graduate from Great Falls High School. 
    2. If an athlete did not graduate from Great Falls High School, they become eligible 12 years after participation in athletics at Great Falls High School. 
    3. Each athlete must meet at least one of the following requirements to be considered by the committee: 
      • Won an individual state title. 
      • Played on a state title team. 
      • Made All-State in their sport.
      • Set a new school record.
      • Made a significant impact in athletics, can include impacts made beyond high school career. 

    HEAD COACH category:

    1. Minimum of 5 years since coaching at Great Falls High School.
    2. Preference will be made for a former Great Falls High School coach who won a divisional or state championship.

    SPECIAL category:

    1. A person or people who have made a significant impact and/or contributions in the area of Great Falls High School athletics. Examples include:
      • Contributor
      • Assistant Coach
      • Administrator
      • Teams
      • Honorary Team Member