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  • Great Falls High offers four entry level classes - Art Appreciation, Art Workshop,  and Art Workshop 3-4* (Advanced).  Art Workshop is a prerequisite for Studio in Graphic Design & Photography, Painting & Printmaking, and/or Ceramics & Sculpture.  After two years of course work in the visual arts at the high school level, students are eligible for AP Studio Art & Design, a college level studio course, their junior or senior year.  All art courses are full year courses.  AP is a robust, college-level class.  Students are provided two class periods in alignment with the rigor of the course and time allotted at the college level for like courses.  All other art courses are full year courses, but only one class period.  Multiple art classes can be taken in the same year.  Art Workshop 3-4 requires either a teacher's recommendation or previous high school course work in the visual arts.  Students can earn a fine arts concentration diploma by taking four credits in art over the course of their high school career.

    GFHS Art Department Faculty:

    Mrs. Cortni Harant 

    Mr. Tim Medved

    Entry Level:
    Art Appreciation
    ​Art Workshop 1-2
    Art Workshop 3-4 (Advanced)

    Art Workshop Prerequisite Required:
    Graphic Design & Photography
    Painting & Printmaking 
    Ceramics & Sculpture

    Instructor Recommendation Required:
    ​AP Studio Art & Design
    ​Art Workshop 3-4


    GFHS Art Brochure

    Muybridge Running Buffalo
    If you have any questions about any of our courses please contact Cortni Harant, GFH Art Department Lead.  
    The visual arts have both state and national standards.  A quick at a glance can be found HERE.  To link to the full standards documents please select either STATE or NATIONAL.   At GFH we also apply the Eight Studio Habits of Mind.
    The image above was created by Eadweard Muybridge, an early photographer and videographer, in the year 1883.







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