• School phone: 268-6600

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    Drew Uecker Principal PGEC & ABLE Director   268-6605
    Judy Atkison  Administrative Assistant   268-6600

    Theresa Besich  Special Education and Business  268-6628
    ​John Brubaker  Math  ​​268-6632
    Lindsay Buckley  Social Studies  268-6652
    Cindy Duffy  English/Reading  268-6640
    Randy Faechner  English  268-7703
    Aric Hagen Health Enhancement  268-6656
    Kathryn Heryla Math/World Language  268-6641
    Vince Kornick  History/Grafix  268-6658
    Jordann Lankford  ​Immersion and IEFA Facilitator 268-6674
    Christine Lencioni  ​Literacy  268-6639
    Jonathan Logan  ​Science  268-6667
    Geoff Mainwaring  English  268-6654
    Nancy McGonigal  English    268-6771
    Julie Murray  Secondary Life Skills  268-6648
    April Senger Science/Math  268-6621 or 6640
    Joe Wilkins  Automotive Technology  268-6626 

    Nathan Vogler  ​1st Engineer  268-6622
    Marla Hauser  Library/Media Center  268-6649
    Jodi Hicks  ​Counselor and Adult Ed  268-6660
    Miranda Murray  IEFA Facilitator 268-6648
    Curtis Valladolid  ​Native American Specialist  268-6672
    Amilee Vick  ​Records and Scheduling  268-6604
    Rikka Walters  ​Attendance Secretary  268-6601