Middle school is a time of transition from elementary school to high school.  Middle school students, like elementary school students, do not receive graduation credit.  They do continue to earn letter grades and begin to establish a GPA (Grade Point Average).  Middle school students no longer have recess time or spend their day with one or two grade-level teachers. Students move between classes and meet with teachers who are content specific.

    The middle school calendar year is broken into trimesters with non-core classes meeting on either odd or even days only.  Core classes are Math, Science, English Language Arts, and Social Studies. The base middle schedule is found below:

    7th Grade

    8th Grade

    English 7

    English 8

    Social Studies 7 (Geography)

    Social Studies 8 (U.S. History)

    Math 7

    Math 8

    Science 7

    Science 8

    Music/Performing Arts

    Music/Performing Arts

    Health/PE 7

    Health/PE 8

    Art 7

    Art 8

    Computer Applications

    Finance Literacy

    Family Consumer Sciences

    Industrial Technology 8





    Industrial Technology 7

    Study Hall

    Study Hall



    High school courses are awarded 0.5 credits per semester hour (exceptions can be made through a transformational learning plan).  Students are allowed more elective credits as they move up in grade level.  Suggested base courses by grade are below:

    Freshman (9th)

    Sophomore (10th)

    Junior (11th)

    Senior (12th)

    English 1-2

    English 3-4

    English 5-6

    English 7-8




    U.S. Government (1 semester)

    Essentials of World History 



    3.5-5.5 Electives/graduation requirements

    Earth and Space Science

    MT Gov (1 semester)

    U.S.  History


    Health/PE 1-2

    Health/PE 3-4

    3 Electives/graduation requirements


    2 Electives/graduation requirements

    2.5 Electives/graduation requirements